Sunbathing: 5 tips for a healthy tan


We all want a nice tan for the summer. But healthy sunbathing must be learned – with these tips, you will brown without risk!

Why do we need the sun?

At last the sun dares to emerge behind the clouds and warms us with its rays! Then it pulls us outside – sunbathing is the desire, beautifully tanned skin the goal. It is important for us to recharge the sun regularly,because only then can our skin form the vital vitamin D. We need the hormone for various metabolic processes and a strong immune system. Vitamin D deficiency, on the other hand, may increase the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, depression or Alzheimer’s.

Can sunbathing harm us as well?

As important as the sun is for us – we should only put it in moderation. Because their UV-A and UV-B rays destroy the important collagen in deeper tissue layers. The result: cell damage and wrinkles. If the immune system is weakened at the same time, the body’s own regeneration can no longer adequately repair this damage, which in turn increases the risk of skin cancer . Especially with sunburn the cell damage can be considerable. Tip: We tell you everything you need to know about the duration of sunburn .

Sunbathing? Sure – but right!

So that you can enjoy your sunbathing and do not have to worry about your skin, here are the five best tips for healthy sunbathing:

1. Not without my sunscreen!

You can not say it often enough: The power of the sun is often underestimated. To prevent skin cancer and prevent the skin from aging prematurely, we should always apply sunscreen when we are out in the sun or sunbathe properly. Which protection is the best for which skin type, we reveal in the article sun protection factor . Important: As the protection of the sunscreen diminishes over time, it should be re-applied regularly (especially after swimming). Incidentally, you’ll learn more about baby sunscreen here!

2. Better not to do without clothes

Even if we are creamed all over – clothing also provides very good protection against UV radiation. Especially sensitive parts of the body like the scalp and the eyes need every conceivable protection. That’s why it’s best to wear a sunhat or cloth and sunglasses when you’re out long.

3. The shadow only partially protects

Nice to sleep a lap under the umbrella? Better not! Even in the shade, the sun still has a good 50 percent of its radiance. Therefore, here too: always cream beautifully.

4. Avoid the midday heat

During lunchtime, sunbathing should generally be taboo – because then the UV radiation of the sun is the strongest. Between 12 and about 2 o’clock you better stay completely in the shade to protect your skin.

5. Do not overdo it

Even if the idea of ​​a whole day in the sun sounds dreamy for many – it is not recommended. Even if we use sunscreen and wear clothing, a sunhat and sunglasses, UV radiation reaches our skin to some extent. Therefore, we should not sunbathe for too long or walk in the sun. If the skin begins to redden, it means: Get out of the sun – it threatens nasty sunburn (If that happens, by the way help our sunburn home remedies .)!