Sunburn on the face – that helps immediately!

A sunburn on the face is just dog common. It reveals a lack of cream and immediately shows how much it has damaged our sensitive facial skin. Bright red and excited? That helps you now!

Face sunburn – what to do if it burns?

The skin on the face is sensitive and thin. If we forgot to protect ourselves from the sun with sunscreen – or simply sunbathed for too long and excessively, it usually shows up quickly: we will turn red and glow. And especially with pleasure in the places that are exposed: forehead, nose and cheekbones. The stupid thing: a sunburn on the face is unfortunately difficult to hide …

Sunburn – now comes first aid

We usually notice it quickly: the skin becomes hot, red and tense. What many do not know: We can also get sunburnt in the shade. The full extent of a sunburn only shows up hours later. We notice the first symptoms after 4 to 8 hours, the worst symptoms are 12 to 36 hours after sunbathing. We have the best SOS tips for sunburn on your face:

  • Get out of the sun! For the next few days!
  • Cool! Best with Cool packs, Cold-warm compresses, out of the fridge. But never put them directly on the skin, but always put a thin cotton cloth in between.
  • humidity is now important for the skin. Inside (drink a lot!) And outside. Because of the heat generated during an inflammatory reaction, the body needs water. The skin is now tight and has to repair burns. One is particularly moisturizing Aloe vera gel (Tip: definitely the Check INCI list, some products contain fragrances and preservatives that are not good for irritated skin – the Codecheck app helps here, for example).

  • Home remedies from the kitchen can relieve burns: cucumber slices cool the facial skin and provide moisture.
  • Curd cheese and yogurt soothe burns and draw heat from the skin.
  • Help from the pharmacy: Cooling foam sprays and special After-sun gels and lotions with skin-calming active ingredients like allantoin, bisabolol and panthenol are now doing well.
  • Now no peeling make, only when the skin flakes, you can with gentle Enzyme peels help to renew itself. Under no circumstances rub mechanical peeling particles onto the skin, as this would injure the thin newly formed skin.
  • Do not use chamomile tea or tincture for sunburn on the face. The chamomile helps the body, it irritates the face (especially around the eyes) too much.

Are the Skin burns very deeply, a doctor should be consulted. If blisters ignite and the skin is burned in deeper layers, scarring can occur on the face. The doctor then prescribes a severe sunburn anti-inflammatory agents such as ibuprofen.

Sunburn hurts us for more than a few days

Even if the spook is sometimes over after a few days, sunburn on the face is extremely damaging to the skin. It initiates processes that make us age faster: free radicals are formed, collagen is broken down and the connective tissue is damaged.

Pigment spots can also be a result of UV damage. Naturally Every sunburn increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

Sunburn on the lips

Many forget to apply sunscreen to their lips too, and there are now many Lip balms with a high sun protection factor, even SPF 50. UV rays affect the thin lip skin enormously. If it happened:

  • With a slight sunburn, the lips become red and dry. Now home remedies help like one Curd cheese mask with honey or pureed cucumbers. A moisturizer then relieves tension and dryness. With the lip care stick, make sure that there are no mineral oils in it.
  • If the burn is worse, it is painful. If blisters form on the lips, be sure to see a dermatologist.

When the skin peels

The skin heals itself by regenerating itself: the top layer of skin is so damaged that the skin cells underneath repel the top ones in order to be able to regenerate. If the skin peels, you can pull it off – especially on the body – even in large layers. If this can be done without pain, these parts can be carefully removed. If it hurts: stay away and wait! If you have the urge to peel away the lint of skin, you should only very gently with an enzyme peel do. Do not use facial or micellar water for facial cleansing, but rather a milky lotion.

Face painting sunburn

Even if we would like to make up a sunburn on the face, there is now a need for restraint when it comes to makeup. The skin absolutely with one Moisturizer supplybefore you make an easy one liquid foundation order. Better avoid powder, because the fine, dry particles absorb the moisture that sunburnt skin urgently needs. Avoid strong concealers that are highly pigmented, even if we really want the redness not to be noticed by everyone. The skin should breathe – after all, it has to do hard work during regeneration.

To prevent burns, you can find more tips on preventing sunburn here. Here we reveal even more sunburn home remedies and how sunbathing works.

Video tip: If your sunburn looks like this, you should act!

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