Sunday breakfast: We all make this mistake with breakfast eggs

The perfect breakfast egg
We almost all make this mistake when boiling eggs

Things can also go wrong when boiling eggs.


The perfectly cooked breakfast egg? For many, this is simply part of the process, especially on Sunday mornings! But the egg usually only becomes “perfect” if you avoid a mistake – which, however, almost all of us make. You can find out which one it is in the video.

Regardless of whether you prefer it hard-boiled, soft or almost liquid – the perfect breakfast egg is sacred to many people. After all, there is hardly a better way to start the day than happily pounding the eggshell open in the morning. But for a boiled egg to deserve the title “perfect”, you have to do a few things right beforehand – and above all avoid a common mistake. Fortunately, it’s very easy! In the video you can find out what the error is and how it can be made better.