Sunglasses trends: everyone is wearing these models now

Sunglasses trends 2023
The most beautiful models of the year

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Whether as a fashion accessory or in their original function as sun protection – life is simply more beautiful with sunglasses (and so are our outfits). We have tracked down the latest sunglasses trends for 2023 for you.

Sunglasses trends come and go. In 2023 we will see old friends again. Other models, however, disappear (hopefully never to be seen again) from our field of vision. Key word: fast glasses. Which sunglasses will protect our eyes and upgrade our styles this year? see for yourself

Sunglasses trends: We will wear these models in 2023

“What’s good comes back” could read a wall tattoo. In the case of sunglasses, we would still agree with this statement. Because if you look at the sunglasses trends for 2023, we discover a few styles and models that were and are good – and that’s why they came back. These include, for example, classic retro sunglasses that are reminiscent of really distant decades, but also cat-eye sunglasses. These and other favorites are now in the overview.

Bright colored lenses

Bye-bye metallic mirrored aviator sunglasses, hello bright colored lenses. Thanks to advanced technology Sunglasses with clear lenses protect just as well as their dark friends these days. We like to take advantage of this, because it allows us a particularly wide range of colors. Paired with bright colored clothing, this instantly looks like spring and summer.

Cat Eye

sunglasses with Cat eye shape are indispensable in fashion. These do not necessarily have to be dark. Lighter models can also be found in the 2023 sunglasses trends. Also still modern: cat-eye sunglasses with animal print and horn optics.


There is always season after season retro sunglasses, which make fashion hearts beat faster. No wonder. After all, many models have proven themselves over time and have not lost their beauty over the decades. This includes sunglasses from the sixties like the big models that Jackie Kennedy wore.

Oval models

Instead of super slim models or even fast glasses, we prefer to put on this year oval sunglasses. These come in all sorts of variations, with light or dark lenses, thick and thin rims, and so on. You’re sure to find a model that suits you and your wardrobe.

Glasses chain as an accessory

You have already found your favorite model and still want a little Variety in your sunglasses game bring? Then take a look at them glasses chain as an accessory. These days there are more and more and in all possible colors, designs and materials.

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