Sunstroke Signs: That’s how you recognize them


Sunstroke signs should be taken seriously! Here’s how to spot the symptoms of a sunstroke and what to do next.

How to recognize a sunstroke

If you’re out in the sun for a long time with your unprotected head, you risk a sunstroke . In this case, meninges or parts of the brain tissue are irritated. The reason is the direct sunlight. Severe headaches and neck pain are usually the first signs of sunstroke and should therefore be taken seriously. As a first measure, sufferers should go out of the sun and cool head and neck with damp cloths.

You should know these sunstroke signs

Often, typical symptoms of a sunstroke occur hours after the actual sunbathing , therefore, the first measure, to go out of the sun and heat, is usually unnecessary by itself. Generally, the symptoms are similar to the heat stroke – but this is even more dangerous for the body. The following signs indicate a sunstroke:

  • Overheated and reddened head
  • a headache
  • Neck pain / stiff neck
  • Nausea / vomiting
  • dizziness
  • exhaustion
  • Inner unrest

When does a sunstroke get dangerous?

In some cases, the sunstroke can also cause circulatory problems or disturbances of consciousness, which can lead to fainting and, in the worst case, death. Does the person affected disoriented, confused, he vomits or suffers from disturbances of consciousness, should therefore be called immediately the doctor.

Sunstroke or heat stroke?

Sunstroke and heat stroke are both dangerous diseases – and at first glance, it is not easy to distinguish them. In a heat stroke, the symptoms usually come not delayed, but even during the time in the sun or heat. In addition, sufferers at first often suffer from fever or increased body temperature, the heart rate is elevated, but the blood pressure is low. The typical discomfort in the neck, which is a characteristic sunstroke sign, does not occur during heat stroke. If a heat stroke is suspected, the emergency doctor should be called immediately.

Treatment: First aid with the sunstroke

Once you have gone out of the sun because of the sunstroke and start the discomfort, head and neck should be cooled. It is best to sit down with your upper body and keep your head straight – this reduces the pressure on it. When cooling against the sunstroke, damp cloths should be used,which must be replaced as soon as they heat up. Attention: Do not use ice packs, their cold only adds weight. If the person does not vomit, it should be given liquid – ideally mineral water or a spritzer.