Super flexible – world premiere of the VW T7: What the new VW bus can do

It’s called Multivan, Caravelle, Kombi, Transporter – or simply VW bus. Lately you hear more and more Bulli. Kind of loving. Now is the dawn of a new age for the versatile panel van: The brand new T7 has just celebrated its world premiere. For the first time part of the family that is at home with the modular transverse matrix, the new VW bus is more modern than ever. So modern in fact that the current T6.1 is still being built.

In the future there will be three VW buses: the T6.1 as a transporter and Caravelle for commercial use and as a California camper, from 2022 the series version of the electrically powered ID.Buzz and the new Multivan.

It’s been called it since the T3, so we have the fifth generation of the Multivan here. It appears much sleeker than before, less angular. Above all, it looks – beefier. Wider and flatter, with a wider track and a wheelbase that has grown from 3.00 to 3.12 meters.

The T7 is available in two lengths, 4.98 and 5.17 meters, with a height of 1.90 meters. The width grew by four centimeters to 1.94 meters, with a height of 1.90, five centimeters are missing. A load volume of up to 4053 liters is possible, plus a trailer load of up to 2000 kg.

Part-time streamers from the start
Right from the start, it comes as a plug-in hybrid with 218 hp and a 13 kWh battery; there is also a choice of two petrol engines with 136 hp and 204 hp. The 150 PS TDI will follow in early 2022, and a plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive will follow in a few years. The combustion engines are linked to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, the PHEV has a six-speed DSG in which the electric motor is integrated. We switch “by wire”, so instead of a selector lever there is a small stick, as in today’s cars, which creates even more space for stepping through.

High-tech equipment world
With the modular transverse matrix, the extensive assistance systems are also finding their way into the Multivan world. Depending on the equipment, the T7 can even be partially automated. LED matrix headlights are also available, LED headlights are standard.

The cockpit is basically digital, anyone who can find their way around the VW Golf can also get along in the T7. The speedometer display measures 10.25 inches, the central touchscreen of the navitainment 10 inches. Instead of controllers, touch sliders are also used here. The display can optionally show a 360-degree representation of the vehicle as an “Area View”.

Open all around with a kick
As an option, the tailgate can be opened for the first time with a sensor-controlled kick. But that’s not all: it also works with the two sliding doors if they are electrically powered.

For the first time there is a center console between the seats. However, it is not fixed because otherwise you would not be able to go backwards between the front seats as usual. Instead, it is a new multifunctional table that is integrated on the seating system’s rail system, which has also been newly designed. Thanks to a new locking technology, this multifunctional feature can be used as a center console between the driver and front passenger seats or as a fold-out table with cup holders and storage compartments in the second and third row of seats.

The bench in the third row has been abolished, there are only single seats that can also be removed individually.

This is how much cargo / luggage fits in
The basic version of the Multivan takes 469 liters of luggage behind the third row of seats up to roof height; When loaded to behind the second row of seats, the volume rises to 1844 liters (1,850 liters with panoramic glass roof). If the full loading volume is used up to the roof behind the first row of seats, the result is 3672 liters. The corresponding dimensions for the extended body version are 763, 2171 and 4005 liters (4053 liters with panoramic glass roof).

Prices are not yet stated. The new VW bus will be available for order from November and the market launch is planned for December.