SUPER PEOPLE: How to participate in the beta?

Update of 12/08:
A second beta, the last normally, is organized from August 17 to 31. The process to participate is the same.

Like many other battle royales and especially multiplayer games, GREAT PEOPLE organizes a beta before its release. If we do not know when the final release will take place, the beta is already launched. You must have noticed this by going, for example, on Twitch, since the game is quite well followed and promoted by content creators, especially those who love competitive games.

However, many players wonder how to participate in the SUPER PEOPLE beta.

How do I participate in the SUPER PEOPLE beta?

Things are particularly simple, given that SUPER PEOPLE is available on Steam. Nevertheless, although the beta seems open to everyone, you must request access, on its Steam page, in order to download the battle royale. When applying, you should get access straight away, with no waiting. You will then have to go through the launcher, which is installed with the game, to access GREAT PEOPLE.

You will normally have no other action to do to be able to access this new battlefield.

Once in game, a nickname chosen and a character created, the basics will be presented to you through a small tutorial, explaining some of the mechanics of the game. Although innovative on certain points, you will quickly notice that GREAT PEOPLE has many points in common with PUBG, especially in the choice and design of weapons. Some similarities to H1Z1 can also be found, for fans of the first version of the battle royale.

Note that the beta is not unlimited. It was originally supposed to end on December 27, but the developers have extended it indefinitely, given its success. You therefore only have a period of time to enjoy this new game, before seeing it land in the final version, or in early access, on Steam, most likely during the year 2022.

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