SUPER PEOPLE reveals the new dates for its beta – SUPER PEOPLE

Wonder People’s battle royale returns this August, as planned, for a final open beta. The latter aims to see if SUPER PEOPLE is ready for the release, which will take place later in the year, normally.

SUPER PEOPLE beta dates

Fact, for about two weeks, players will be able to (re) immerse themselves in this battle royale, inspired by several games, including PUBG, and provide valuable feedback to developers. If you have already taken part in one of the trials organized by Wonder People, you should normally be able to enjoy new things, including a new class, the Titan. Many improvements have normally been applied, but do not expect a perfect experience, since it is still a beta.

You can participate between August 17 and August 31, on Steam. Note that the pre-download is already available. Like the beta at the end of 2021, just head to the game’s Steam page and click “Request Access” to get it. You should receive access right away, without too much of a wait.

If you have never played GREAT PEOPLEknow that this is a very classic battle royale, with the possibility of improving its weapons along the way, with the aim of reaching the endgame with equipment to envision final victory.

The final release of GREAT PEOPLE should be done by the end of the year, on PC initially.

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