“Superman” star Christopher Reeve: His son Will is the spitting image of him

“Superman” star Christopher Reeve
His son Will is the spitting image of him

Will Reeve (left) looks like his late father, “Superman” actor Christopher Reeve.

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Will Reeve is the spitting image of his father, “Superman” actor Christopher Reeve.

You have to look twice: News anchor Will Reeve (31) looks strikingly similar to his famous father Christopher Reeve (1952-2004). The 31-year-old attended the “Bring Change to Mind Revels & Revelations” gala in New York.

Ryan Reynolds awarded

Reeve was one of the many celebrity guests who came at the invitation of the non-profit organization Bring Change to Mind. The organization’s goal is to “end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness,” according to its website. It was founded by actress Glenn Close (76) and her family after her sister and nephew were diagnosed with life-changing mental illnesses. Ryan Reynolds (46) received the “Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter” Award. Comedian Amy Schumer (42) also appeared at the gala.

Will Reeve attracted attention

ABC News journalist Will Reeve also attracted a lot of attention. He appeared beaming holding his girlfriend Amanda Dubin’s hand – and looked like a copy of his famous father in his prime. Christopher Reeve is known for his four “Superman” films. In 1995 he broke two cervical vertebrae in a riding accident and was paralyzed ever since. At the time, his son Will was just three years old. The actor died nine years later at the age of just 52. It wasn’t the only serious loss for young Will: While he had to bury his father at the age of eleven, his mother Dana died of lung cancer just 17 months later at the age of 44. Will Reeve became an orphan at the age of 13.

He wants to continue his parents’ legacy with his half-siblings

He is the only child of Christopher Reeve and his wife Dana Morosini. The actor also had children Matthew (43) and Alexandra (39) from a previous relationship. The three siblings serve on the board of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to healing spinal cord injuries and supporting innovative research in the field.

At an event for the foundation in 2019, Will Reeve had about his parents’ inheritance spoken: “I think that his legacy will never go away, and I think it’s a responsibility that I feel to carry on the legacy of him and my mother for the rest of my life and hopefully beyond.” The foundation is one way this legacy will live on. “And I think the way me and my siblings live our lives is a different way.” In addition, his father lives on through the millions of people “he touched.”


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