Supermarket employee reveals: When can I still shop relaxed?

The coronavirus crisis makes shopping a challenge: when can I still shop relaxed and get everything? This is revealed by a supermarket employee.

Now I have it out, I think, when I use my lunch break to go shopping. Already when entering the parking lot the queasy feeling gnaws at me that "quickly" could develop into an "infinitely long break". I unlock the penultimate shopping cart.

I notice that I was not alone with my idea at the latest in front of the empty toilet paper shelves, which this time are even lined up with looted cereal supplies. The cash register line extends through the entire store, the minimum distance is hardly observed any more when customers arrive every minute. Weekly shopping is currently becoming a horror scenario for many people – and not because they want to do hamster purchases. But because they have to leave the house several times due to bursting shops and looted shelves.

When can I go shopping relaxed about the corona crisis? Is there a secret hour when stores are empty and supplies are still full? We asked a supermarket employee.

Shopping in Corona times: 3 tricks from the supermarket employee

Rule # 1: Avoid the weekend

"On Saturdays you can never really shop relaxed – at most from 5/6 p.m., then it will slowly become empty."

Rule # 2: choose the right time

"On Mondays it is very busy in the afternoon and early in the morning! On Friday it is relatively empty in the morning and then in the afternoon it is very busy from 4 to 7 p.m. In addition, it is very busy every day between 11 a.m. and 12 noon."

Rule # 3: The best days to shop

"Tuesday to Thursday it is actually always relatively empty so enjoy shopping!"

In general, the following still applies today: there is no need to hammer. However, due to the risk of infection, we recommend that you only go shopping as rarely as possible – for example, once or twice a week.

Thanks for the tips!

source used: Interview