Supply secured – Bildeiner department store has a new operator

The handover was rather unspectacular: the previous clerk Helga Zax will be retiring from December 1st. For 18 years she was the soul of the business – first as a saleswoman, then as an operator. Until it is reopened by Sabine Knopf, the shop will be modernized and renovated.

After the community of Bildein had to get along without local suppliers for a few years, Ms. Zax was able to fill the existing gap in 2010. The residents, especially those without a car, very much appreciated their commitment and their circumspection, as Mayor Walter Temmel and councilor Adella Glocknitzer unanimously emphasized. After a decade and a half, the business premises are to be rebuilt and modernized a little before it is ready for the new tenant, Sabine Knopf , and go. In any case, the official opening date in December was postponed due to the lockdown.From the warehouse to the center of the villageThe department store in Bildein, as part of the WeinKulturHaus – it houses the culture hall, the village inn and the local supplier – has become a popular meeting place for young and old thanks to its multiple uses developed. The building was prepared with the support of the European Union, federal, state and municipal subsidies and the rural youth and has even received several awards Mediathek and with the WeinKulturHaus, at least in the supply area, there is every reason to continue to look positively into the future. The new operator of the deli wants to contribute innovative ideas.
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