Support authorities – Tyrol: Armed Forces moves out with mobile test teams

The number of corona cases is rising and rising: As of Wednesday morning, over 14,100 people were actively positive in Tyrol. The queues in front of the country’s vaccination and testing centers are endless. There is now further support from the armed forces. The military has been supporting the authorities in Tyrol with five mobile test teams since Tuesday.

Soldiers from the West Medical Center are on the move in central Tyrol to increase the number of tests. “We take our task as the republic’s strategic reserve very seriously. The armed forces will provide support wherever it is needed most. We want to help ensure that the population can return to a normal life as quickly as possible, ”emphasizes Tyrolean military commander Ingo Gstrein. The Austrian Armed Forces have long been involved in tracking contacts with 30 soldiers. Among other things, they also helped with the exit test controls or the distribution of test kits and protective equipment. Now there is further support in the form of mobile test teams.132,000 tests from April to June But this is not new territory for the military either: Paramedics of the armed forces in Tyrol have already carried out over 132,000 tests at six temporary test stations from April to June.
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