Surfers in distress – still a storm warning! Be careful outdoors

The Föhn storm continues to make itself felt in large parts of Carinthia. According to the state alarm and warning center, 100 fire brigade operations have been recorded so far. “If you don’t necessarily have to go out, you should stay at home,” is the saying in the Ferlach area, for example. According to GeoSphere Austria, wind peaks of up to 140 km/h were measured on the Villacher Alpe.

According to GeoSphere Austria, the wind and storm warning is valid until 11 p.m. tonight. In the Ferlach area, roofs were covered and sheet metal facades were torn down. The Ferlach fire department repeatedly has to go to fallen trees. “People should stay at home as a precaution,” appeals fire brigade commander Ingemar Ulbricht. In valley areas there are wind peaks between 60 and 80 km/h. The Kirschentheuer fire department also had to deploy to Görtschach and Strau. Road closures due to squalls The clean-up work on the Innerkremser Landesstraße (L 19) between Kremsbrücke and Vorderkrems is currently too dangerous, which is why the closure remains in place due to fallen trees. The Rennweg fire department on Katschberg also constantly has to be called out to repair damage. The B99 to the Katschberg – between Mühlbach and Katschberghöhe – remains closed, as does the Großglockner High Alpine Road (B107). Further disruptions were also reported on the B95 Turracher Straße between Patergasssen and Ebene Reichenau.Surfers in distressThe storm is also causing problems for water sports enthusiasts on Lake Wörthersee. The Krumpendorf volunteer fire department recently had to go to Lake Wörthersee together with the water rescue team because two surfers were in distress. “One of the surfers was already exhausted and extremely happy about his rescue. The second wanted to continue surfing, but the police warned him to stop,” reports Robert Koban, the state water service representative of the FF Krumpendorf. Both men were brought ashore by boat.
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