surprise, a new big bug comes to spoil the game

Cities: Skylines 2 is unfortunately once again the victim of a new major bug that is hampering the gaming experience. Everyone is waiting for a resolution to the problem.

For the past few days, an unexpected situation has taken Cities: Skylines 2 players by storm. A bug in the game seems to have created a homelessness crisis, filling the streets with homeless non-player characters. This problem has pushed players to seek solutions, often extreme, to try to save their cities from this uncontrollable situation.

Bug Causes Crisis in Cities Skylines 2

The homeless management mechanism in Cities: Skylines 2 is apparently flawed, causing the homeless population to continue to grow even as affordable housing is built. Players are left with “armies” of homeless people invading the streets of their virtual cities, disrupting city management.

In the face of this crisis, gamers have proposed various, often radical, solutions. Some have chosen to raze public parks to prevent the homeless from having a place to congregate. Others have gone so far as to forcibly evict anyone who cannot find housing within an hour and a half of needing it. These measures, while virtual, raise ethical questions about how to manage vulnerable populations, even in a video game.

One of the most popular solutions among the gaming community is the use of mods. One mod in particular, called Bye Bye Homeless, simply removes homeless people from the game. This method, while controversial, has become a common option for those looking to restore order to their cities without waiting for an official game update.

It remains to be seen whether the developers at Paradox Interactive will be able to fix this bug in a future update. In the meantime, the community continues to propose and experiment with solutions, sometimes shocking, to manage this unexpected crisis. Have you experienced this bug on your side in your games?

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