Surprise ! A new system update for the… PS3?

Robin Lamorlette

March 01, 2023 at 2 p.m.


Ken Kutaragi PS3

© Sony

Sony obviously does not forget the venerable PS3 released with us 16 years ago (already!) and which has just received the 4.90 system update.

With a symbolic weight of 200 MB, this update improves system performance for the few diehards who dust it off from time to time.

The PS3 updated again in 2023… but what’s the point?

While the PS5 is slowly but surely starting to find its way to most interested people, Sony is unexpectedly rolling out an update for its big sister, the PS3, a year after the previous one.

A system update all the more surprising since the venerable console is no longer supported at many levels. No more games have been developed on it for years, and its PlayStation Store is now particularly unergonomic.

After renouncing its closure on PS3 and PS Vita in 2021, Sony has nevertheless made purchases on the latter unnecessarily complex. It is no longer possible to obtain a game directly, the parade being to add funds via a desktop or mobile version of the PlayStation Store.

A modest improvement in system performance

Anyway, this system update 4.90 of the PS3 comes soberly to bring performance improvements for the system, for a weight of only 200 MB. If by chance you turn on your console, the update is will automatically apply if the system has been configured to do so.

Otherwise, you will have to go through a computer, download the update and place it in a “PS3” folder and an “UPDATE” subfolder on a FAT32 formatted USB key, which you will then have to connect to the console. But is it really worth it?

Some users did not lack a touch of humor about this update, which was incongruous to say the least, including this tweet which made us personally laugh.

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