"Surprise sur prize": Faustine Bollaert traps Cyril Féraud and makes him live a hell: Current Woman The MAG

On Saturday February 27, 2021, viewers discovered the trap that Faustine Bollaert set for Cyril Féraud for the 30 years of Surprise on hold, sure France 2. During a hidden camera signed Tom Villa, the presenter received her comrade on the set of It starts today. While he was thinking of participating in the show on the topic "television has changed their lives", the one who plays Cyril Gossbo in Fort Boyard did not expect to be received by a very bad-tempered host who spared no one, not even his guests and in particular a certain Iris Mittenaere. Confessed, the former Miss France was entitled to many inappropriate remarks from Faustine Bollaert.

The latter even went so far as to complain about the behavior of "Princess" who "freak out" with his colleague. Throughout the filming of the testimonial show, Maxime Chattam's companion has been stinging, even scathing to his accomplice. From being late to her outfit deemed too sexy, the host spared her nothing. After barely introducing him, cutting him off, or scratching his name more than once, she sharply criticized him during the program. Faced with an embarrassed Cyril Féraud, the two women quarreled … until Iris Mittenaere left the set at the end of her tether.

An odious Faustine Bollaert on stage

In the process, Faustine Bollaert discovered the fed up with one of her collaborators, describing her as "monster" behind the scenes. Annoyed, it was by hurling insults that the presenter was quick to let go of all her teams live to go settle accounts with her assistant. It was then that the cameras of Surprise on hold disembarked to reveal the deception to Cyril Féraud. Relieved, the latter confided not to have recognized his usually kind and benevolent colleague. On Twitter, he had fun: "Folks, I was thinking of participating in It Starts Today live, but I got trapped by the Surprise Surprise crews. "

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