Surprising! Meryl Streep is now redhead

Meryl Streep surprised Internet users. The American actress has swapped her iconic light hair for a red color. We did not expect that…

Since his first steps in the world of cinema, Meryl Streep sports that same blonde hair. Having cleared up over the years, it remains her beauty signature. Besides, no question for her to part with it. Unless it is a request made during a shoot. And precisely: currently in preparation for a brand new film, the American actress has been tempted by a whole new color.

On social networks, the photo of a film casting was shared on Instagram by producer Ryan Murphy. Among the celebrities posing: the beautiful Meryl Streep who we barely recognize. The reason ? She doesn't sport her usual light hair. For the occasion, her hair was colored with ginger. A wig undoubtedly, far from the natural look of Meryl Streep. Because if the color changed, so did the cut! In the photo in question, Meryl Streep was revealed with a very short cut, almost boyish style, accompanied by tapered bangs. Change of look for the actress rather successful. Indeed, it suited him perfectly. However, this was not the first time Meryl Streep had tried red hair. Remember, in 1981, for the film "The mistress of the French lieutenant", she had already adopted this color!

We will soon be able to find the redhead version of Meryl Streep on our screens. Indeed, this change of look was made for the shooting of the movie "The Prom" – an adaptation of the musical of the same name. The feature film should arrive at the end of the year on the Netflix platform. A little more patience then.

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