Survey shows little optimism: how successful are climate demonstrations?

Survey shows little optimism
How successful are climate demonstrations?

The actions of the “Last Generation”, some of which were decried as radical, caused an uproar in the Federal Republic. However, many consider the milder alternative in the form of demonstrations to be too lax. As a survey shows, more than two thirds of those questioned do not expect any political consequences.

Only a few German citizens expect demonstrations and protest actions for more climate protection, such as those taking place this Friday, to have an impact on political action. In the new ZDF “Politbarometer” only 24 percent of those questioned assume that climate demonstrations have an influence on politics in Germany. 72 percent and majorities in all party supporter groups doubt that this will lead to more climate protection measures.

For 48 percent of those surveyed, the federal government is doing too little to protect the climate, as the survey published on Friday showed. 27 percent called the efforts just right; 19 percent were of the opinion that too much was being done for this. Younger respondents complained much more often about deficits in climate policy than older ones: 68 percent of those under 30 and 43 percent of those over 60. According to the survey, there is also great skepticism about the fight against climate change. Only 22 percent of respondents believe the world will be able to take effective action against it. 74 percent don’t see it that way.

Split opinion on wage increase

With a view to the wage demands for the public sector, the survey revealed a mixed picture. The unions are demanding an increase in wages and salaries of 10.5 percent for the employees, but at least by 500 euros a month. 45 percent of those surveyed consider this requirement to be too high, just as many think it is just right, and five percent think it is too low.

On Friday, climate activists from Fridays for Future and the Verdi trade union held a joint day of action to strengthen local public transport. For the current ZDF “Politbarometer”, the research group elections surveyed 1,165 randomly selected voters from Tuesday to Thursday.

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