Survey shows: This helps best after a separation


To handle heavy separation? Comfort yourself, you are not the only one! Somehow we will survive it in the end then yes …

The pain of separation , separation of phases , lovesickness all things that indeed belong to love and life, you also might like to good and abstain if we are honest … After all: – contribute a little bit, we can even in hard times himself to that we survive these dips in our happiness curve at least as okay as possible – by observing ourselves and finding out what helps us and does us good. And even if that is certainly different for everyone: It is a good start to look at the experience of others …   

Nearly 3,300 people interviewed

Coincidentally, the ElitePartner dating portal has collected a few for us! In an online survey, the dome platform asked nearly 3,300 adults, which helped them the most during or after separation. And, as is often the case with polls, women’s answers are strikingly different than men’s. 

The top 3 

These things comfort most women

Thus, after the separation of women, an absolute majority of 54 percent found the greatest consolation in talking to friends and relatives . 39 percent found distraction by hobbies the most helpful and 32 percent could best forget their pain when going out and celebrating .

That comforts most men

Among the men, hobbies were the top comforters with 40 percent approval , but talking with their pals about the breakup still gave 39 percent as helpful. But for 32 percent, the best recipe against lovesickness is something that does not appear among women at all under tops: Doing sports !

Biggest discrepancy between men and women

The answer, in which the interviewed men and women – in addition to the one talking about the separation – were the most dissonant, is interestingly a classic among the good advice that most would give to a good friend: A type change, ie a new hairstyle Shop a new outfit, experiment with a new style. While women rated 20 percent as salutary, only five percent of the men surveyed chose this answer – if that is not due to the lack of influence of a good friend … ?

Results at a glance

All results of the ElitePartner study as well as the ranking for the answers of the men can be found in the table. According to the portal, 3,283 adult German Internet users, who have already experienced at least one separation, took part in the survey . The percentages under the “Women” and “Men” columns indicate how many respondents chose the answer.