Susanne Wille has been in office as the new SRF cultural director for around a year

Due to the corona, visitors are not allowed to enter the Meret Oppenheim high-rise in Basel, the seat of the SRF cultural department. That is why the interview with boss Susanne Wille (47) takes place in the auditorium on the ground floor, where she wants to launch public events with Kultur this year if the pandemic situation allows. Proximity to the audience is still important to the former “10 to 10” presenter.

Ms. Wille, you were on screen for decades before you took up your new office in the summer of 2020. Didn’t the last election Sunday awaken any longings?
Susanne Wille: Last Sunday was exemplary for my new life. As a political journalist, I’ve always been very interested in culture. And as the head of culture, I’m still interested in politics now. I was at the Zurich Film Festival that morning. In the afternoon and the evening before, we followed the election and voting programs. And then came the first two episodes of “Neumatt”, all on the same day. I used to be able to moderate everything that is exciting in the field of politics. And now I have a new, responsible job as Head of Culture that I find very fulfilling.

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