Suspect in custody – tapestry stolen: Crime around the US embassy cleared

After the mysterious break-in coup in a diplomatic mansion in the Vienna district of Döbling, a 700,000-euro tapestry has now reappeared – a suspect is in custody.

Even before the designated US ambassador Victoria Kennedy, widow of the former well-known American Senator Ted Kennedy, took office, the secret service thriller caused a stir in the summer – the “Krone” reported.

An extremely expensive tapestry was stolen during a break-in coup in the sophisticated villa of the US business agent or diplomatic number 2 in Vienna’s noble district of Döbling. The estimated value: up to 700,000 euros. In order to cover up traces, a fire was also set on the property.

Extremely embarrassing: During this period, the property was only monitored by video, but not alarmed, by the usually security-fanatic Americans, and was looked after by security staff. The valuable tapestry was gone.

Success after ten weeks of investigation
After the coup at the beginning of August, the local state security officers and the Vienna State Criminal Police Office took over the delicate investigations. With success: Because now, almost ten weeks later, the tapestry has been secured and the alleged perpetrator arrested. The suspect is a 29-year-old South African who apparently has appropriated the good piece in a criminal way out of lack of money.

The tapestry was discovered in his property in Baden (Lower Austria), only about 40 minutes by car from the crime scene. The investigations into the piquant break-in have not yet been concluded.

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