Suspect in custody – woman (37) killed with knife in drug dispute

It should be the 24th woman murder this year: A 37-year-old woman was killed on Sunday afternoon in the Floridsdorf district of Vienna in the course of a dispute. The murder weapon is a knife. A 45-year-old was arrested. The dispute occurred in an assisted living facility.

At around 2.15 p.m., the 45-year-old, the 37-year-old and a man aged 42 got into an argument in an apartment. According to the current state of the investigation, the dispute was likely to have been about drugs. How the three of them relate to one another is still under investigation. The 45-year-old suspect as well as the 37-year-old woman and the 42-year-old man were neighbors in the house. The woman had visited the 42-year-old on Sunday afternoon when the 45-year-old came into the premises. 42-year-old seriously injured The 45-year-old suddenly pulled out a knife in the course of the dispute and attacked the other two. While the woman died on the scene, the 42-year-old was able to flee into the stairwell with serious injuries and call for help. He was then taken to the hospital and found the 45-year-old with cuts on his hands. He was arrested and taken to a police detention center after medical treatment. The investigation is ongoing.
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