Suspected of being divorced, the new Miss Sri Lanka has her crown torn off live

The election of Mrs Sri Lanka has turned into a fight, with wrestling of the crown live due to suspicion of divorce. A reminder that the rules of this type of competition are sometimes archaic …

Sunday April 4, 2021, in Sri Lanka, was held the final of the contest Mrs Sri Lanka 2021, national Miss contest. Which was marred by an unfortunate event: during the coronation of Pupshika de Silva, Caroline Jurie, the 2020 laureate suddenly tore her crown from her. A fight would even have broken out behind the scenes. The reason ? She accuses Pupshika of being divorced. What is forbidden by the rules: Mrs World Series, launched in 1984, is an international beauty contest for married women.

Pupshika de Silva later spoke about his Facebook page, announcing that she was separated, but not divorced, and that the “real queens don’t tear crowns off other women’s heads”. She also said she forgives those involved in this incident.

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There is no shortage of controversies over the rules of beauty contests. We think, for example, of these Miss forfeited their title because they had children. It is even one of the criteria of the Miss World contest: not to be a mother. In 2019, Veronika Didusenko, the winner was therefore stripped of her title and subsequently denounced discriminatory rules, which have no place in the 21st century. In France, we remember Miss losing their title for naked photos. What if we really focused on the candidates’ projects rather than on their marital or family status?

Mathilde Wattecamps

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