Suspension of a real estate contest project in a former Parisian convent

A real estate project under investigation in a former Parisian convent, part of the plot of which is classified as a protected green space, will be frozen and reviewed in the light of the future local urban plan (PLU) of the capital.

A small corner of the countryside in a cul-de-sac close to the Parc de Montsouris (14th century, south), the convent of the Franciscan nuns, with its chapel and its large wooden garden, had to be partially razed to make room for a 135-unit housing project led by the Action group. Housing, the leading social landlord in France.

But the first deputy Emmanuel Grgoire, right arm of the PS mayor Anne Hidalgo, announced Thursday in the Paris Council a stay of decision on the examination of the building permit so that this project meets our objective of producing housing in Paris while ensuring the protection of protected green spaces and avoiding densification in the heart of the lot.

The mayor (Générations) of the 14th arrondissement, Carine Petit, a member of the left-wing majority, recalled her opposition to the various versions of the project and welcomed a very important decision in relation to climate change. It is no longer possible to make the city as we did ten years ago or even five years ago, she estimated.

A first application for a building permit, established in 2019, had been rejected, and it is the instruction of the second version which is the subject of a stay of judgment, made possible by the current revision of the bioclimatic PLU which must be adopted in early 2023.

This stay of ruling is therefore both a hold and an invitation to continue the dialogue, said Emmanuel Grgoire, deputy town planner.

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This suspension was demanded of him by elected ecologist Emile Meunier, for whom the project destroys part of the protected green space, includes too much private housing and not enough social housing, and remains far too dense. .

In January, the association France Nature Environnement (FNE) Paris, which regularly denounces the town hall’s urban projects, demanded a stay of proceedings and the sanctuary of the site to put an end to the project.

Some of the residents have also mobilized against this real estate project.

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