Suspicions of irregularities after the election of the first secretary of the Socialist Party

Alexandre Chauveau

The ballot for the election of the new leader of the Socialist Party was held on Thursday. The votes counted, the party leadership announced the victory of Olivier Faure. The only problem? His opponent, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, also claimed it. A blow to the party’s credibility with its supporters.

Discord within the Socialist Party. Olivier Faure was re-elected at the head of the party with 50.83% of the votes of the ballot, announced the management Thursday evening. A tedious election. Indeed, his opponent has also claimed victory – both sides accuse each other of voting irregularities.

“I thank you again for your trust and from tomorrow, we will work together to rally and renew the Socialist Party,” said Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol overnight. “They expressed this evening, by a clear vote, their desire to continue the gathering of the left and environmentalists by renewing me, their confidence”, greeted at the same time Olivier Faure.

Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol seizes the verification commission

The leadership of the PS may proclaim this morning the victory of Olivier Faure as first secretary of the PS, his opponent disputes it. Why such a mess? Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol requests that the verification committee, responsible for verifying the attendance lists in particular, be brought together.

In question: accusations of cheating, as this sequence seems to attest, shot in a polling station in La Courneuve, in Seine-Saint-Denis. “It’s scandalous, I don’t have access to the ballot box,” we hear a woman lament. “The urn has disappeared from the room. It is in a locked room that I cannot enter.” It should be noted that these accusations are reciprocal. The winner Olivier Faure must still be officially inducted at a congress in a week in Marseille.

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