Sustainable travel: The 3 most spectacular (and affordable) train routes in Europe

Lean back, please!
The 3 most spectacular (and affordable) train routes in Europe

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Leave the car, take the train! Train journeys are environmentally friendly, as exciting as they are relaxing and always a bit of an adventure. Here are three routes in Europe that we warmly recommend.

Orient Express, Transsib, Pride of Africa – the names alone conjure up the glamorous heyday of train travel. Unfortunately, the mean car has displaced a lot of it. In times of climate change and traffic collapse, however, train travel is experiencing a renaissance, after all, the train is the most environmentally friendly means of transport of all (apart from the bicycle). And a train journey is decelerating anyway, because here the path is clearly the goal. We introduce you to three train routes in Europe that we can particularly recommend.

Switzerland: Small country, big attractions

Train Travel Europe: Switzerland

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This train journey takes you to all the highlights of little Switzerland – and there are many of them. Chic cities, famous peaks and passes, lakes, UNESCO World Heritage sites and 1280 kilometers of views in between: on the “Grand Train Tour of Switzerland” panoramic trains take you to the sights of the Alpine country all year round. From St. Moritz to Lake Lugano, over the Flüela Pass to Lucerne, from Lake Geneva to the Matterhorn. Glaciers or palm trees – you can choose freely or, ideally, do the complete round tour. It There is no set direction or duration, you can get on and off whenever and wherever you want (from 340 euros,

Mediterranean: One of everything, please!

Train Travel Europe: Mediterranean

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From Valencia to Rome – all along the Mediterranean Sea. Sounds good? With the good old Interrail ticket you can let yourself be comfortably driven along the turquoise blue water for weeks or even months. There are countless opportunities to stretch your feet and sunbathe along the way: From Valencia in Spain, you go via Barcelona to France and there along the entire Côte d’Azur to Monaco. Via Savona in Italy you continue to Genoa, Pisa and Livorno to Rome. More beaches and sightseeing is hardly possible. Now all you have to do is convince your superiors that you need two months vacation (“Global Interrail Pass” from 246 euros,

Scotland: The Queen of the Highlands

Train Travel Europe: Scotland

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Of the “The Royal Scotsman” is still one of the most glamorous trains in the world – life on board is pure enjoyment. Compartments and dining cars are furnished in a very British way with their mahogany paneling, inlays and fine fabrics, and the Meals on Wheels is also of the finest quality. The entire interior forms a magical contrast to the wild Scottish Highlands looming outside the windows.The train journey north from Edinburgh is expensive, but there is a 3-day tour that should be affordable for some (from €3,630, e.g. via www.


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