SWAT on TF1: the past of Hondo (Shemar Moore) resurfaces in the 100th episode not to be missed

The “SWAT” series celebrates its 100th episode tonight on TF1 with a very special investigation centered on Hondo (Shemar Moore), who will have to face a plot and the return of a former adversary determined to take revenge.

Offered each week on TF1, the new season 5 of SWAT continues this Tuesday, January 31 from 9:10 p.m. with three new episodes not to be missed. Especially since one of these investigations is a small event for the detective series led by Shemar Moore.

Indeed, the second episode of the evening, “Team spirit”, broadcast this evening at 9:55 p.m., is none other than the 100th episode of SWAT, which gives more than ever pride of place to the leader of the team. , Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, who finds himself in a very bad position because of a deepfake and will have to do everything to prove his innocence. While everything overwhelms him.

Hondo victim of a terrible revenge

Conducted with a bang, this new investigation begins when Nichelle (Rochelle Aytes) discovers a video on the website of a local news channel in which Hondo kills in cold blood two police officers who are the subject of complaints of racist violence.

Knowing that he is the victim of a plot, Hondo decides to flee the police in order to clarify this affair himself. Unofficially, the SWAT brigade shows its confidence in him and undertakes to help him. Street (Alex Russell) drives him to Elyse, a computer scientist friend, who reveals to them that the video is a deepfake and manages to trace the address of its instigator.

Hondo then understands that the sponsor of this trap is none other than Arthur Novak (Timothy V. Murphy), the criminal whose son he killed during his exile in Mexico a few months earlier. Novak is determined to get revenge and is actually holding the two police officers he has passed off as dead hostage, in an attempt to trade them for Hondo.


Hondo (Shemar Moore) is at the heart of SWAT’s 100th episode

A 100th episode that celebrates Hondo and the shock team that surrounds him

Airing in April 2022 in the United States, the 16th episode of season 5 of SWAT, which is also the 100th of the series, celebrates, as its title suggests, the team spirit that reigns within the SWAT of Los Angeles and dictates the conduct of the various characters.

This affair, more perilous than ever for Hondo, obviously allows the star of the series, Shemar Moore, to shine and to highlight the strong ties that exist between the members of the team. Starting with Hondo and Street, who share some nice sequences.

But it also brings back the past and ensures the continuity of the soap opera side of SWAT, bringing back a former villain, Arthur Novak, introduced in the first two episodes of season 5 which took place in Mexico and paid homage to the cinema of Clint Eastwood. In short, fans should be delighted.

Met a few weeks ago as part of the promotion of the series, Jay Harrington, the interpreter of Deacon, told us about the milestone of 100 episodes reached during season 5: “I find it hard to realize. I find it crazy that we are still on the air, in a period when there are so many series and so many different ways to consume them. But it’s great, of course “Despite the competition from streaming in particular, we’re still here, we’re shooting our sixth season. I think it’s proof that SWAT is a quality series, which really means something for the viewers who watch it week after week.”.

“Obviously, the detective genre is very popular, we all know that. But that can’t be enough to explain the success of the series. I really think that the public has become attached to this group of characters, to this team led by Hondo. If we were just kicking down doors and arresting bad guys, the success wouldn’t be the same. The strength of SWAT, in my opinion, is its heroes and everything they go through. In work as well as in their private life.

An attachment to the heroes of SWAT which is undeniable since, while TF1 broadcasts season 5 every Tuesday in France, the Americans have been discovering them, for several months already, season 6 of the adventures of Hondo, Deacon, Street and the others. Before a season 7 from the next school year?

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