Swedish Royals: King Carl Gustaf talks about grandchildren

Sweden's King Carl Gustaf, 73, has retired to Stenhammar Castle because of the corona virus with Queen Silvia, 76. There they long for their children and grandchildren. The royals, like many other people, therefore try to keep in digital contact with their loved ones.

Carl Gustaf spoke recently in an interview with the daily "Dagens Nyheter" about how he spends the time of isolation and warned the elderly to stay at home and avoid social contacts. But he obviously feels what it's like when you can't see the children and grandchildren. That's why he skypts with his family. The subject of Corona was in conversation with Princess Estelle, eight, Prince Oscar, three, and her cousins ​​was not an issue. Gustaf to:

The grandchildren are still very small. You don't exchange about difficult topics

So he and Queen Silvia probably limit themselves to waving to their grandchildren or to let them tell them about their everyday life. Hugs and games have to wait. Did he also sykpe with Princess Madeleine in the United States asked the newspaper? "Yes," the king confirmed.

"The family has a lot of digital contact with Sweden," court information director Margareta Thorgren had reported about Madeleine a few days earlier, according to the magazine "Hänt".

This article originally appeared on Gala.de.