Sweet crossover – Hyundai Casper: The little one has only one problem

It’s not as if Hyundai doesn’t have a whole lot of attractive cars on the market here, but they could bring this one to Europe as well: the Hyundai Casper. However, they only want to sell the funny mini SUV in South Korea and a little later in India.

The Hyundai Casper got its name from a skateboard trick. How it works can be seen in the video above.

The little crossover just looks cute. And it’s really tiny: At just under 3.60 meters, it is more than seven centimeters shorter than the Hyundai i10 and almost half a meter shorter than the smallest Hyundai crossover we offer, the Bayon.

Nevertheless, it should offer a lot of space. Not for four people plus a lot of luggage, but at least for four people OR a lot of luggage. The back seat can be moved 16 cm. If it is locked in at the front, you can no longer sit on it, but behind it you get a load volume of a good 300 liters.

If you fold down the rear seat and front passenger seat, you can load Ikea parcels more than two meters long. The driver’s seat can also be folded down, but you won’t need that when driving home from the furniture store, but rather for camping.

There is even space for seven airbags. In addition, assistance systems such as lane keepers, emergency brakes, high beam assistants or adaptive cruise control are on board.

The speedometer is digital and of course there is also a central touchscreen. The four-speed automatic gear selector is located underneath in the console. This manages the power that comes from one of two one-liter three-cylinders, a suction device with 75 hp or a turbo with 100 hp.

Converted, the prices should start at a good 10,000 euros – but unfortunately not with us.

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