Swiss team calls for an investment of five million euros

On Monday evening, in an episode of the VOX program “Die Höhle der Löwen”, the biggest demand for capital was made – by three Swiss people! Bernhard Winter (28), Thomas Gemperle (34) and Pascal Buchholzer (29) from Winterthur ZH came before the investors. “We have the greatest need for capital that has ever been required in” Die Höhle der Löwen “,” Bernhard Winter began the presentation. And went on: “We need five million euros!” The “lions” were amazed!

But what is the enormous sum for? For the “Scewo Bro”, a revolutionary wheelchair whose appearance is reminiscent of a science fiction robot. Pascal Buchholzer himself demonstrates how to deal with this to the investors. He swiftly turns around in the wheelchair in the studio, drives smoothly over gravel and sand and lets the seat rise a full 87 centimeters. “This is how you can get to the top shelves when shopping,” explain the young entrepreneurs.

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