Switch to O2 now: DSL, cable or LTE for just 10 euros a month


Whether DSL, cable or LTE – O2 has it. Switch now from your old Internet provider to O2 and secure twelve months of Internet for only 10 euros.

With O2 you get the best network for your home, no matter where you live. (Source: O2/Netzwelt)

Do you also know that, that you make New Year’s resolutions, which you then don’t implement? At least this year it doesn’t have to be like that, just make up your mind to switch to a new internet provider. O2 makes it particularly easy for you to implement this resolution, because there you can choose between:

In addition, it will be reduced from 20 euros to 10 euros in the first twelve months. It has never been so easy to tick off a good resolution at the beginning of the year. Don’t hesitate, if your connection has been running for at least 24 months, you can switch to O2 on a monthly basis. So you don’t have to be prepared for long notice periods.

at O2 change internet provider now*


When you switch to O2, why not upgrade the viewing experience as well? With O2 TV M, you can easily access over 100 channels, including over 90 in HD resolution, via your internet connection. If you want to enjoy the best entertainment on the go, grab O2 TV L. This also gives you access to O2 TV on your mobile phone.

If you are not yet sure whether O2 TV is right for you, you can test the service for a month without obligation.

at O2 O2 TV from EUR 4.99 per month*


Alternatively, you can also secure the packages with the Sky Entertainment Ticket. The costs then amount to 9.99 euros and 14.99 euros respectively. Strike now and secure Internet and entertainment from a single source for the new year.

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