Switch UPDATE: firmware 14.1.1 is available

Do you have a small Nintendo Switch at home? Well know that Big N. just released an update, 14.1.1. As a reminder, the platform was entitled to a new firmware at the beginning of April, bringing “notifications”, and one last March offering new features like creating “groups” in the console menu.

What’s new today ? Nothing exceptional in itself: a “general improvement in stability”.

Worm. 14.1.1

  • General console stability improvements for a better user experience.

In order not to change, if you see something new that has not been communicated, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments of this article.

How to update?

  • Connect your mains plug;
  • Go into Settings console;
  • Select Console ;
  • Select Update.

You can buy a Switch from €266.09.

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