“Switzerland’s next top model”: Larissa Marolt on the jury job

For the third time, Manuela Frey (24) is looking for “Switzerland’s next top model”. Larissa Marolt (29) is one of the members of the jury by her side. The Austrian has not only a model, but also a lot of television experience – which extends to jungle camps.

Marolt became known through her victory in “Austria’s Next Top Model” in 2009 and the subsequent participation in the German counterpart of Heidi Klum (48). A time that was not only nice for the then 16-year-old. “I had to grow up very quickly,” she says. “At this age, you are not aware of what it means to be in the spotlight. You are observed from all sides, I had to put on a thick skin and learn not to let criticism get me down. “

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