Sword Art Online Variant Showdown: The mobile game offers a first gameplay video

Formalized at the end of March by Bandai Namco, Sword Art Online Variant Showdownthe next free-to-play mobile adaptation celebrating the 10th anniversary of the famous manga Sword Art Onlinetook advantage of a livestream that aired last weekend to share a first gameplay video which should revive some memories for the oldest and oldest fans of the saga.

The Gleam Eyes will be there

Although the title must above all offer us an original scenario taking place in a brand new virtual world called Cross Edge, the Japanese studio preferred to bet on the nostalgic fiber with this extract featuring Kirito, Asuna and Silica facing the iconic The Gleam Eyes, the fearsome boss of the 74th level of Aincrad.

In this sequence, the gameplay seems mostly action-RPG oriented even if we also notice the presence of a hint of beat them up. To defeat the enemy, the player will have to visibly chain attacks while dodging those of the opponent, calling on his various skills, which can be centered on attack, defense or support, when necessary. necessary as well as intelligent use of the traditional “Switch” between the characters.

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown will be released in 2022, at an undetermined date, on iOS and Android. Note that, according to the American site Siliconera, in addition to its solo and PvE content, the game will also include a PvP dimension via a Battle Royale mode.

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