Sylvie Meis: After separating from her husband, she is said to be in love again

Sylvie Meis
She is said to be newly in love

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Just a few months after separating from her husband Niclas Castello, presenter Sylvie Meis has reportedly found new love.

In February She confirmed the end of love with her husband Niclas Castello, 45. Now Sylvie Meis, 45, is said to have found a new partner. As “Bild” reports, the beautiful presenter is reportedly newly in love.

Apparently he’s Sylvie Meis’ new guy

The paper claims to have learned that the Dutch woman is dating the extremely wealthy entrepreneur Wim Beelen, 47. The two are said to have only met at the end of September, when Sylvie’s son Damian van der Vaart, 17, signed his contract with the Ajax Amsterdam football club. The boy comes from Sylvie’s marriage to the kicker Rafael van der Vaart, 40. According to “Bild”, Beelen’s assets are estimated at 200 million euros. The businessman founded the Beelen Group, a company operating in the Netherlands for Waste management and recycling industry.

“Very in love”

Since there is said to have been a spark between Sylvie and Beelen, they have been commuting between Sylvie’s place of residence in Hamburg and Amsterdam, according to “Bild”. The two are said to be “very much in love with each other and are good for each other,” the paper continues. Syvie has not yet commented on the love speculation.

Eight months after separating from Niclas Castello

Sylvie Meis only separated from the artist Niclas Castello at the beginning of the year after less than three years of marriage. They met in 2019 at the wedding of Barbara Meier, 37, in Venice, in 2020 they said yes in a dream wedding in Florence. Their happiness in love did not last long.

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