Sylvie Tellier: Her children victims of her notoriety? The boss of Miss France responds

After a busy year with the election of Miss France and the many trips by Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, Sylvie Tellier is enjoying a well-deserved summer break. However, this does not prevent her from continuing to be active on social networks.

And it is also in Instagram story that the general manager of the Miss France Society lent herself this Friday, August 12 to the game questions / answers in order to answer the questions of her many subscribers. The least we can say is that they had questions to ask the 44-year-old woman, whether professional or personal.

“Sometimes it complicates things a bit…”

After declaring that she learned, for example, of the birth of her sister’s daughter, Delphine Tellier (Jean-Pascal Lacoste’s companion) from the media, Sylvie Tellier mentioned another personal subject, the consequences of his notoriety on the daily life of his three children : Oscar, 12 years old, born of her relationship with Camille Le Maux from whom she divorced in 2012, Margaux, 8 years old and Roméo, 4 years old, fruits of her relationship with Laurent Schenten, her companion since 2013.

When one of Sylvie Tellier’s subscribers asked her how her children lived having a famous mother, the ex-Miss France replied: “It’s funny that you ask me this question because I was just talking about it with my eldest this week… He is in college and yes sometimes it complicates things a bit. And yet I made the choice not to exposing them on social networks”she clarified.

Aware of her celebrity, Sylvie Tellier considers herself a mother like any other. In an Instagram story in January 2021, Jean-Pierre Foucault’s sidekick had mentioned the difficulty of being away from his children because of his professional activities: “It’s very difficult for them as for me, moreover, she regrets. I need them as much as they need me. Each separation is difficult …”she expressed.

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