Sylvie Tellier: her rare and tender confidences about her husband Laurent: Current Woman Le MAG

Sylvie Tellier has made a success of her professional life: after years of hard work, the former beauty queen is now the head of the Miss France committee. To succeed in meeting her goals, the 42-year-old mother gives everything during the year, but do not refuse anything during the holidays … As soon as she leaves office, the Miss's chaperone leaves to rejuvenate with her family. She and her husband Laurent have also taken a cruise off Brittany this year. A perfect stay to forget the worries. "Every year we try to afford a three, four or five day bubble, to the chagrin of my husband who would like it to be more often", confided this week the beautiful blonde in the columns of Gala.

A very well-aligned duo

Sylvie Tellier loves spending time with her husband between two coronations of Miss France. It must be said that they are a very well-aligned couple: "You have to pedal in unison, trusting who is in front. It’s a bit of our relationship ”, she explained before singing her praises. "I'm very active in this life together, I like the idea of ​​being drunk, of being able to rely on someone. Laurent refocuses me, calms me down. It's good to live with someone who leads the way. He's a good captain! ", she assured.

The ex-Miss can also count on Laurent to take care of their two youngest children Margaux and Romeo, as well as her eldest Oscar, from her previous relationship with her ex Camille Le Maux. So as not to spoil anything, Laurent loves playing cool daddy : "I'm the one who would tend to be a little stricter", admitted Sylvie Tellier.

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