Sylvie Tellier on her leadership of Miss France

Sylvie Tellier headed the Miss France committee for 17 years, but today she has other projects. In Lucile Woodward’s Long Live podcast, she confided how grueling this job could have been and how it had sometimes even taken her away from her family.

When it comes to beauty, Sylvie Tellier knows her subject. If she is today an accomplished businesswoman, she has long competed on the podiums and the most prestigious beauty titles. She was first Miss Lyon in 2001, then Miss France in 2002. But she didn’t stop there! At the end of her reign, she became general director of the Miss France committee, and even Miss Europe, from 2007 to 2022. At the same time, she was also a television columnist for a time. In October 2016, she also joined the cast of the seventh season of Dance with the stars, broadcast on TF1. This very rich career took place alongside an equally demanding family life. Mother of three children, Sylvie Tellier is one of those who shines on all fronts, including that of personal accomplishment. However, her quest for perfection has not been without difficulty, and although combative, the person who has a master’s degree in business law can sometimes appear a little tired.

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Sylvie Tellier: “I ran all the time! »

In the podcast Long live hosted by Lucile Woodward, the one who created the controversy by reacting to Diane Leyre’s poor ranking spoke openly about many subjects. She notably explained her departure from the Miss France committee, which she led for seventeen years, by the fact that she simply wanted to “ relaunch challenges “. “ Already, I felt like I was always running […]. I was running all the time, I rarely saw my children “, she explained. Before confiding, sincerely: “ Miss France did[it] part of my life, but a little too much, even. I would say that I was ‘stuck at the Miss’» Especially since the pace was very fast, with the appearance of new misses every year and the responsibilities that this implied for her. Unwilling to put down roots in this environment, this active mother decided to take her reinvention into her own hands. For the good of my family, for my own well-being, to scare me too, I told myself that I was going to try something else “, she said. Today, the transition is well and truly underway and she has decided to embark on new projects. To be continued.

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