Sylvie Tellier suffers criticism because of her “flat buttocks”

Criticized on Instagram for her buttocks deemed “too flat”, Sylvie Tellier did not hesitate to speak out to reinstate her detractors.

The mentalities of our society are changing and the dictates of beauty are gradually collapsing. Yet some are still mistaken about this change. It is true that in recent years, assuming its forms is easier, especially thanks to the silhouettes displayed by celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian or Ashley Graham. However, the message is not to have voluptuous shapes to be beautiful. The goal of this body positive wave is first and foremost to accept your body as it is. Women with curves are therefore beautiful, just as much as people with slender morphology. And that, obviously, is not yet very clear in everyone’s minds. As proof, a Miss France was again a victim of body shaming on social networks, only a few days ago.

Very present on social networks, Sylvie Tellier regularly shares photos of herself, her family and her daily life with her community. And while she is currently on vacation in Sables-d’Olonne, Miss France 2002 posted a nice photo of her on Instagram. A shot in which she poses in swimsuit panties and long-sleeved striped swimsuit. This post has had some success with his community … however, detractors have attacked his physique, and in particular his buttocks that they deemed “too flat”.

His benevolent and inspiring message

Not being the type to let it go, Sylvie Tellier did not hesitate to speak up to put things right. She therefore shared a few words in the story in order to put these malicious people in their place. “(…) Small dedication to the excited thumbs of Instagram. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but on my last photo, we criticize my little buttocks that we find too flat. That’s life, I am born with it and I don’t see it that badly don’t worry. “

The former Miss France also took the opportunity to send a beautiful message to her community. “Rest assured girls. Whether we are plump, round, lean regardless of the color of our skin or our hair, we are always criticized on social networks. This is the principle of Instagram. It opens the debate a little. But you have to enjoy Instagram as you want. And above all, don’t go into photo editing, it’s not real life. This is not what is important.“A very positive and inspiring message that we should all keep in mind!

Miss France: Sylvie Tellier responds to the candidate who claims to have been rejected because of her weight

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