Sylvie Tellier: the director of the Miss France committee victim of a skiing accident

On her Instagram account, Sylvie Tellier announced that she had been the victim of a skiing accident.

While she had decided to take a little winter sports vacation in Avoriaz in Haute-Savoie, the end of the year turned into a nightmare for the director of the Miss France committee.

“And so my ski season ends … Skier friends, watch your knees!” she posted in a first video. “I feel it’s going to be very long,” she continued, filming herself lying in the hospital before revealing the nature of her injury.

“First assessment of my alpine acrobatics, rupture of the internal ligament, of the anterior cruciate. In short, I did not miss … “, she then detailed, before specifying that she is” awaiting an MRI to know how the menisci are going and whether we have to operate … “. “In short, the bad luck,” she lamented.

What surely force Sylvie Tellier to change the schedule for her next few weeks, she who was to accompany the new Miss France in her outings.

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