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Very active on social networks, Sylvie Tellier wanted to do a completely new live on Instagram on Saturday January 30, 2021. This time, the president of the Miss France committee did not realize a duplex with the former national representatives, but decided to deliver like never before to internet users. The pretty blonde therefore lent herself to question and answer game. The opportunity for her to talk about her role as a mother, but also her look at cosmetic surgery. If the forty-year-old confided not "not be against women who practice aesthetic medicine ", Sylvie Tellier admitted to being too "big coward " to resort to this practice.

"It’s something that scares me, there are a lot of drifts. I find that I see it. A woman who got bloated all over I think it shows, there is no longer any naturalness to the face" she declared. Suddenly the acolyte of Jean-Pierre Foucault prefers to use methods that she considers safer to maintain her beauty : "I like massages, using good products to have hydrated skin ". However, at one time, a physical detail of Sylvie Tellier was the subject little teasing from his sisters.

Sylvie Tellier mocked by her sisters

Sylvie Tellier has three sisters, Stéphanie, Anne-Sophie and Delphine (with whom she is cold). Extremely close to the first two, Sylvie Tellier revealed a little anecdote dating from several years ago: "When I was a kid my sisters called me Gizmo because I had a white wick " she said. This nickname, referring to the character of the Gremlins, came from the fact that Miss France 2002 naturally a white strand located just above his forehead. Special feature that it now camouflages with coloring!

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