Syn Max Air: Roccat’s wireless gaming headset goes to the next level, and so does its price

Roccat Syn Max Air

Introductory price 250 €

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The Syn Pro Air did not particularly mark our minds during its passage in our editorial staff, but this is obviously not what will stop Roccat’s plans to fill its catalog. This one signs a new version of its wireless headphones with the very recent launch of the Syn Max Air. The idea is to propose, to quote the founder of Roccat, “the fusion of what Turtle Beach and Roccat (the latter was bought by this first in 2019, Ed) know how to do better: premium technology with a neat design”. We are therefore dealing here with a resolutely high-end model, as evidenced by its launch price of 250 €, all the same.

Roccat Syn Max Air

What is behind this beautiful price increase? Well, first of all, a slight evolution on the design. The Syn Max Air is indeed getting a new coating on its pads: the headband now has a leatherette surface, while the ear cups gain a duo of leatherette + fluffy fabric, the latter being used on the part in direct contact with the ‘user. A “refreshing” aspect in the design of the ear cups is also put forward, certainly via a gel system. We bet that these small touches of change will be synonymous with a minimum increased comfort compared to the Syn Pro Air model. Given the very strong relationship between the two helmets, we still doubt that this drastically changes the situation, but doubt is allowed.

Roccat Syn Max Air

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The second evolution concerns this time the means of connection of the helmet since the Syn Max Air benefits from a second wireless connection, this time via Bluetooth 5.1, which also allows to take calls with the helmet via its smartphone, specifies the manufacturer. The latter also indicates “simultaneous audio” in this case, which very probably implies that the signals received by the headset in these two means of connection (the first being provided by a proprietary wireless protocol via a USB dongle) will be mixed. And nothing specifies whether it will be possible to manage any balance or the level of each source in this case.

Roccat Syn Max Air

Roccat specifies that its new headset can be used on PC, PS5/PS4, Switch and Android as well. Above all, we hope that the problem with the functioning of the USB-C adapter has been resolved so that this is indeed the case, otherwise it will be necessary to go via Bluetooth, with the latency concerns that go with it…

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Last change clearly presented: the arrival of a charging base for the Syn Max Air, which is also dressed in an RGB light game. All this device will also be good news for the use of the helmet, in particular because the announced autonomy is much less generous than that of the little brother: 16 hours of use per charge are promised by Roccat.

The manufacturer’s new high-end headset is obviously entitled to all the software features of the Syn Pro Air, with headset support in the Swarm PC configuration software. Finally, there is a potential evolution to be expected in terms of the sound performance of the headphones, but the manufacturer only mentions the presence of the 50 mm Nanoclear speakers.

Roccat Syn Max Air

The Roccat Syn Max Air will arrive on October 10, 2022 at a price, we remind you, of 250 €. This is a positioning that confronts it with many and fierce competitors…

Roccat Syn Pro Air

Introductory price 150 €

Roccat Syn Pro Air

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