Synth Riders: Lindsey Stirling joins the playlist with a pack of five tracks and a trailer!

Lindsey Stirling is an artist known for pairing her trademark violin with a multitude of musical styles. This pack showcases his diversity and versatility: whether playing alongside the powerful voice of Lzzy Hale in Shatter Meexploring his Celtic musical influences in First Lightin collaboration with Raja Kumari on Mirage inspired by Bollywood and even in Shadows inspired by synth waveLindsey’s Fiddle is your guide.

As an artist with a strong sense of visual style, the experience Synth Riders for Underground draws heavily from the striking imagery of Lindsey’s own video for the song, while continuing to explore themes of confinement and freedom, key inspiration for the song itself. This experience is truly a playable music video, with its handcrafted visuals perfectly suited to the music, creating a truly unique and immersive way to experience music.

Kluge Interactivethe team of Synth Riderscollaborated with Lindsey Stirling on location to create this trailer, featuring an electrifying performance from her.

the DLCs paying Lindsey Stirling Music Pack therefore contains five songs:

  1. Underground + Experience ;
  2. Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) ;
  3. First Light ;
  4. Mirage (feat. Raja Kumari) ;
  5. Shadows.

While playing the Synth Riders version of Underground for the first time, I was so excited and surprised to see that the visuals were very inspired by my music video. The game is an absolute blast and I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face as I played. Also, as a bonus, I did my cardio while playing at the advanced level. I think my fans will love it! -Lindsey Stirling

With the addition of Lindsey Stirling Music Packthe soundtrack of Synth Riders now includes 55 free songs and 35 songs in DLCs, all playable in a variety of difficulty levels and modes. The owners of Meta Quest who haven’t played the game yet can try it for free via the demo available on App Labincluding 5 songs with all available modifiers.

the Lindsey Stirling Music Pack will be launched on April 14 on Meta QuestPC via Steam, Playstation-VR and Viveport. All five tracks can be purchased individually for €1.99, or together as a bundle for €7.99 with a 20% discount currently.

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