Table tennis: – 23rd women’s championship title for Linz AG Froschberg

The favorite team from Linz AG Froschberg secured their 23rd championship title in the women’s table tennis Bundesliga on Sunday evening in Linz, with a 4-0 win without losing a set.

In the final duel with TTC Villach, Suthasini Sawettabut, Sofia Polcanova, Karoline Mischek and the Sawettabut/Mischek double all celebrated 3-0 victories. The Carinthians played Ivana Malobabic, Dragana Vignjevic and Ida Jazbec. At the same time, Stockerau also won the men’s Central European Super League title with home advantage in the final against the U23 national team. The B-Team of the women from Linz won the corresponding women’s competition on Tuesday. Incidentally, for Mischek it was the last appearance at Linz AG Froschberg, she is moving to Stockerau.
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