“Taha Bouhafs is the victim of an absurd campaign”, insists Alexis Corbière

Questioned by Dimitri Pavlenko in Europe Matin this Friday, Alexis Corbière, deputy of La France insoumise, returned to the possible investiture of Taha Bouhafs, journalist for “Le Media”, for the June legislative elections in Vénissieux, in the Rhône, in the LFI list. “We go after activists who still have the same profile,” he said on Europe 1.

The deputy also returned to the conviction at first instance against the journalist. The latter had insulted a police unionist online and appealed the court decision. “Everyone has the right to have ill-calibrated remarks and some do not have the right, those who come from working-class neighborhoods. I find that unbearable,” he said. “These kinds of little stories do not interest me and belittle political life,” said the MP.

“Mr. Bouhafs is an anti-racist activist”, also declared Alexis Corbière. “Besides, he had remarks that Cabu had made against an activist of the National Front at the time. At that time, we had found nothing to complain about.”

“It’s a political profile that is always targeted”

Alexis Corbière also reacted to critics who accuse the journalist of having participated in a demonstration where he brandished the head of Marine Le Pen on a pike. “It’s unbearable. Have you ever seen a caricature? Are we Charlie or not? Do we have the right to make caricatures or not? Of course it’s metaphorical and symbolic. Do you see the ridiculousness of the situation?”

“Taha Bouhafs is the victim of attacks, insults, death threats, constantly on social networks. He has been the victim of an absurd campaign for three years. Behind him, it is a political profile that is always targeted .”

“We have a program for the country. We want retirement at 60, an increase in the minimum wage, the defense of public services and ecological measures. Instead of talking about it, we are going to look, tamper with the 577 candidates, on what such and such a person did two or three years ago. Let’s take the height!”, concluded the MP.

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