Tahnee: Comedian gets her own personality show on ARD

Comedian gets her own personality show on ARD

Own show on ARD: A new challenge awaits Tahnee.

© SWR / Guido Schroeder

Comedienne Tahnee will get her own show on ARD with “Limbus”. The personality format is scheduled to go into production in 2022.

Tahnee Schaffarczyk (29) will soon present her own personality show. The SWR announced this in a statement on Wednesday (October 13). “Limbus” (working title) is planned for the ARD, should go into production at the beginning of 2022 and can be seen in the ARD media library and in the first. Tahnee will be involved in the conception of the show and the development of content.

“We want to create something new and create our own show world that is simply fun for viewers and our guests and that entertains them for 45 minutes,” the comedian explains the demands of the show. “It’s great to continue to work with such a versatile and creative artist. With her attitude and humor, Tahnee is an absolute asset to SWR and ARD,” explains Philipp Bitterling, head of SWR program planning.

Candidate for “LOL: Last One Laughing”

In addition to her stand-up solo programs, Tahnee was mainly present in the streaming area. From December 2020 she took on roles in the parody series “Binge Reloaded” on Amazon Prime Video. From March 2021, eight episodes of the “Tahnee.7” (SWR) format appeared in the ARD media library at weekly intervals. The comedienne can currently be seen in the second season “LOL: Last One Laughing” on Amazon Prime. In this format, comedy stars are put to the test: They have to make each other laugh without losing their composure themselves.


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