Taiwan: how does the United States react to Chinese military maneuvers?

Sébastien Le Belzic (in Beijing)
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08:18, August 05, 2022

Chinese warplanes and warships have crossed the “middle line” of the Taiwan Strait, the Taiwan government announced on Friday as Beijing launched military drills on an unprecedented scale around the island on Thursday. Some missiles reportedly fell in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. How is the United States reacting?

The United States will not allow China to isolate Taiwan. This is what Nancy Pelosi declared this Friday during a press conference in Tokyo, the last stage of her Asian tour, the speaker of the House of Representatives refuses to let her conduct be dictated by the communist regime and affirms not wanting to challenge the status quo in Taiwan and Asia.

Japan calls for a halt to China’s maneuvers

His visit to Taiwan this week, the first at this level in 25 years, drew strong reactions from China, which has deployed hundreds of military aircraft and warships in maneuvers aimed at a total blockade of Taiwan. Japan has officially protested, asking for the cessation of these maneuvers, saying that several missiles fell Thursday in its exclusive economic zone, less than 400 kilometers from its coast.

Chinese planes and warships crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait

At least eleven ballistic missiles were fired Thursday around Taiwan. The White House also speaks of Chinese provocation and has decided, to calm things down in the area, to postpone an intercontinental ballistic missile test scheduled for the next few days. The Chinese maneuvers resumed on Friday morning. Several Chinese fighter jets and warships have just crossed the middle line of the Taiwan Strait.

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