Take advantage of the sales to play The Last of Us at the best price

[Deal du Jour] The recent release on Amazon Prime of the series The Last of Us maybe made you want to play it. That’s good, during the sales, the game The Last of Us is on sale and Numerama tells you where to find it at the best price. Perfect if the wait of a week between two episodes seems too long.

Where to find The Last of Us Part I and II games at the best price during the sales?

The Last of Us Part I, the PS5 remake, is sold for €79.99 on the PlayStation Store and can be found regularly around €65 on several merchant sites. Fnac is currently offering it in a physical version at a price of €54.99.

If you want to discover the game in its original case, or if you don’t have a PS5, the version Remastered is available at a price of €9.99 on La Fnac, but only in stores, with free withdrawal. However, it is available for delivery on Amazon, at a price of €21.79.

The Last of Us Part II is sold for € 39.99 on the PlayStation Store. It is available on Amazon, priced at €15.87.

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What is The Last of Us Remastered / Part I?

The version Remastered of The Last Of Us was released on PS4 in 2014 and is a slightly remade version of the original game released on PS3 the previous year. The Last of Us Part I is the complete remake and is intended for the PlayStation 5. Apart from the graphics, these two versions are identical. Naughty Dog’s work on the PS5 remake is incredible, but the strength of The Last of Us first of the name is above all due to its universe and its characters. The story remains the same with an identical sequence and dialogues. You follow Ellie and Joel after an epidemic has decimated a large part of the population. They will then have to cross the United States in ruins for a very specific purpose.

The Last of Us Part I, PS5. // Source: Sony/Naughty Dog

If you want to (re)discover The Last of Us and you own a PS5, the remake seems appropriate. In addition, the magnificent DLC titled left-behindessential if you plan to do the Part II, is included in the game. If you only have a PS4, be aware that the Remastered version is still of high quality, and obviously much less expensive. Controller in hand, the charm still works and the feeling of playing a unique game is still very present.

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The Last of Us Remastered versus The Last of Us Part I // Source: YouTube screenshot

What is The Last of Us Part II?

The Last of Us Part II is therefore the sequel to the first. In order not to reveal the future of the series, which is currently airing on HBO, we will not reveal anything about the story of this second opus. Officially announced in 2016, the idea of ​​a sequel was puzzling as the first installment perfectly concluded the story of Joel and Ellie. Against all expectations, Naughty Dog manages to deepen its post-apocalyptic story and pushes even further the themes exploited in the first.

The Last of Us Part II // Source: Sony
The Last of Us Part II // Source: Sony

The Last of Us Part II is definitely a divisive sequel. But the perfect narration, the direction and the strength of the characters manage to break even more the border between the cinema and the video game. Never has a series adaptation made so much sense.

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