take this test and you will know what your 2021 good resolutions should be


It's not easy to make good resolutions at the start of the year. What if you trusted Disney films and their messages that are as feel good as they are full of wisdom? Let's start 2021 on the right foot!

What are your resolutions for the coming year? This is THE heavy question we are asked from January 1st. Good resolutions are a chore: they discourage us in advance and are moralizing, even depressing, especially if we cannot keep them …

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Video by Clemence Chevallet

As a bonus, 2020 has been complicated to manage. It was probably the most emotionally draining year in a while and clearly no one was ready to face it. That's why, to start 2021 with determination but also lightness, we offer you the perfect combo: a special Disney quiz "resolutions 2021."

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The concept is simple: according to your Disney tastes, we will reveal to you which resolution is best suited for you. Are you more of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan or The Lion King? Your Disney favorites could reveal a lot about your year 2021!

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