Taking fever without a fight: Braun has the best ear thermometer

Taking a temperature can be incredibly annoying, especially when trying to take a temperature on a screaming, crying, struggling toddler. Trick 17: An infrared ear thermometer that you can use to measure even when the child is sleeping.

By far the best device is currently the Thermoscan 7 from Braun, an easy-to-use ear thermometer that offers a history of up to nine measurements thanks to the internal memory. Of particular interest is the fever warning function, which, depending on the person’s age, indicates a particularly serious fever and gives tips on when a doctor should be notified.

Since the thermometer is held to the ear, 20 hygiene caps are included with the device. You can get 40 caps as an accessory set for around 10 euros. The scope of delivery also includes a transport box and the required batteries.

Our conclusion at the time of testing:

With the Braun Thermoscan 7 you get an ear thermometer for less than 50 euros, which convinces in the test with its comprehensive equipment as well as the uncomplicated operation and high-quality workmanship. We like the memory, the display backlight and the hygienic caps. The measurement is easy to understand and the additional functions are also uncomplicated. The measurement process takes around two seconds, but the thermometer takes a little longer to get ready at around nine seconds. Apart from that, it shows a top performance in the test.Read the full review

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